Today I have asked Nate Philbrick to share his thoughts on why being a writer is well…awesome! Please enjoy his post, like, drop a comment, and visit his blog when you are done reading! 


If you ask me, being a writer is one of the best opportunities in life as far as jobs/ambitions go. A lot of people assume that writing is just a hobby or something we do to vent our ‘inspiration’, but that’s far from the complete picture. Here are fifteen aspects about the life of a writer that make all the hard work worth it!


1. You get paid (sometimes) to do what you love doing the most.


2. You have a community full of people that support you in your endeavors and give you feedback on your results.


3. You can pace yourself with small, achievable objectives and still get excited about that elusive final goal of a published story.


4. You can manipulate people’s emotions and have it be ethically acceptable.


5. You have the ability to develop your creativity and imagination more than most people on the planet.


6. Writing reveals facets of your own character and personality that you yourself didn’t know existed.


7. The fiction you write is a healthy way of channeling and expressing your emotions, even negative ones like fear, sorrow, or anger.


8. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to challenge people to think, to act, or to change.


9. If done well, your stories may be enjoyed by thousands of people, and they will love you for that.


10. Writing is hard, and the fact that you throw yourself into it with all your determination proves you are strong.


11. You will get rejections and harsh criticism, but that’s probably one of the worst things that could happen, and it’s really not that bad, considering the fact that both are necessary parts of your own personal growth.


12. The sky is the limit—there are always new ideas. You’ll never run out of work!


13. Your work never goes unappreciated, nor is it ever lost, broken, stolen, forgotten, or obsolete. Strong words and good stories are timeless.


14. You can usually work from your favorite, most comfortable place of choice—and people actually encourage it.


15. You will always have another chance to outdo yourself!



There are many other reasons why being a writer is awesome. This list is just a short sample. Have some reasons of your own to add?

Drop a comment! In the meantime, have a great day.

profMy name is Nate Philbrick, and I’m a fantasy fiction author and general fiction enthusiast!

You Write Fiction is my way of connecting with you and many other writers and readers. We’ll have fun, learn a thing or two, and enjoy the world of fiction.

I was born in Maine, but I currently live near Barcelona (Spain, for those who’ve never checked a map). In 2015 I graduated from Northland International University (Middle of Nowhere, Wisconsin) with a B.A. degree in English, but most of what I know about writing is the result of years of trial-and-error. And reading. Lots of reading.

I believe in Jesus Christ and I am saved only by his mercy and grace. It’s my job to show that same unconditional love to everyone around me (though I’ll spend a good chunk of my time messing that bit up).

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