Shaman’s Harvest “Dragonfly”

Michl “Kill Our Way To Heaven”

Two Steps From Hell “Dangerous”

Stephen “Crossfire”

The Spiritual Machines “The Man Who Stole The World”

Ivan Torrent “Fight For Life”

MILCK “Devil Devil”

Cyrus Reynolds “The Flood”

Three Days Grace “Car Crash”

Breaking Benjamin “Angels Fall”

3 Doors Down “Landing in London”

John Mayer “Assassin”

Jack Savoretti “Killing Man”

Malinchak “Dragonfly”

Audiomachine “Angels of Anarchy”

Molly Kate Kestner “Prom Queen”

Lorde “The Louvre”

Andy Black “Ribcage”

PLACEBO “Protege Moi”

Music House “Got A Fever”

Black Math “Hostage”

Thrice “Black Honey”

Bryce Fox “Horns”

All Good Things “This Place Is Ready To Blow”

Vicetone “Angels”

Music House “Show Your Heart”

Super Rock “I’ll Stop The End Of The World”

The Spiritual Machines “Witnesses & Criminals”

The Spiritual Machines “Anyone Can Fly”

Joseph William Morgan “Time After Time”

Cyrus Reynolds “Oh Brother”