Dragon rider. Ballerina. Tea addict. Dark chocolate connoisseur. Rock music fan. 

All around book-devouring writer with a crippling love for adventure.



I grew up in a small town in Oklahoma learning the language of the wind
and trying to survive the heat of summer. Being homeschooled, I was
able to explore the many realms of literature and
soon found my passion in 

With the help of One Year Adventure Novel, I finished my first novel in 2012
and started the official journey from padawan to Sith lord.
I haven’t been able to stop creating new worlds, adventures, and characters since.


When I’m not writing or buried in my latest read, I teach Ballet and Jazz where I live in Virginia. 

You can find me somewhere between Neverland and the real world probably pestering a unsuspecting pirate captain or trying to bribe a hobbit into cooking me dinner.